8 Channel | Monitor & Control System

IntelliAg ISO6


DICKEY-john’s IntelliAg® ISO6 is a complete monitoring and control system for applying seed, liquids, and granules in a wide variety of applications. The ISOBUS certified module can be installed on planters, air seeders, spreaders, and drills to provide growers with the precision technology to make their operations more efficient and more profitable. The ISO6 module provides customers critical data and information to ensure their machines are performing at optimum levels. Features such as advanced seed data provides users with seed spacing information, as well as skips and doubles, to allow growers to fine tune their equipment for the best quality performance on their planters. 

Features and Benefits:

•    ISOBUS plug-and-play ready 
•    AEF tested and certified
•    8 Channel ISOBUS monitor and control system
•    Integrated 16 rows of advanced seed data
•    Up to 120 rows
•    Up to 8 PWM channels, 4 Servo
•    Up to 48 sections
•    Expandable feature set
•    Selectable I/O