Planter and Seeder Monitoring

DICKEY-john® offers a complete line of monitors to help equip machines with cutting edge electronics to help you see multiple aspects of your equipment from the seat of your very own tractor. Knowing that your machines are performing properly, ensures you are optimizing yield potential and profitability by making sure planting rates, planting quality, and other critical parameters are on target. Knowing when an issue comes up on the machine can be identified quickly and easily so it can be corrected immediately. Pairing DICKEY-john® monitors with DICKEY-john® population and blockage sensors allows you to have the best combination possible on your equipment. Different levels of monitors will ensure the correct features are utilized for your specific equipment all the way from simple planting/no planting type monitors up to ISOBUS compatible monitors. DICKEY-john® has the correct model for every grower. 

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"The IntelliAg is operator friendly, durable and has had no down time."

- Doug, Missouri