Moisture Testers

Turn to DICKEY-john® for moisture testing solutions that match your elevator’s results, so you can maximize your production and profits. Reliable and repeatable, our high-performance solutions deliver data at the speed of your operation, helping you make informed decisions with data-driven results. You’ll head to the elevator with total confidence – and eliminate those costly surprise discounts.

We offer solutions that work for farms of all sizes, and deliver data everywhere it’s needed. Get it all with DICKEY-john®: 
  • The most accurate moisture testing derived from today’s most advanced analysis technologies
  • Innovative temperature sensing capabilities that allow you to measure in extreme conditions, including frozen and hot grain 
  • Portable, benchtop, and handheld options for turnkey testing across your farm, and hassle-free results on-the-go
  • Versatility covering standard as well as niche crops – some DICKEY-john® devices allow you to change grains with the push of a button 
  • The speed you need – including trusted results in as little as 25 seconds

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"I have been able to dial my drying more precisely, and this has resulted in a quick return on my investment."

- Stanley, IL