About DICKEY-john®

Driving Agriculture Forward by Pioneering Sensing Solutions

At DICKEY-john®, we’re proud to lead the revolution in data-driven agriculture, and excited to keep forging the future of farming. Our proven sensing solutions give farmers and OEMs the advanced tools they need to optimize quality and generate superior results. Discover how our technologies can help:
  • Maximize efficiency in seeding and material applications 
  • Assess critical soil compaction levels 
  • More accurately test crop moisture – on the farm and off
  • Conduct state-of-the-art analysis of grains and other outputs
  • Adjust to conditions and proactively address field challenges

A Global Enterprise Born Of One Simple Invention

Bob Dickey’s breakthrough concept for a planter monitor more than 50 years ago sparked a revolution in the way the world farms. It also laid the foundation for a pioneering, global company that continues to lead and innovate. Read more about Our History.

We are Problem-Solvers

Agriculture is, and always will be, our passion. We’ve made it our mission to help growers and OEMs solve farming’s biggest challenges and realize unprecedented success. From uncovering new efficiencies to advancing safety to maximizing profit potential and beyond, we help deliver the data that can drive better decision-making.

The Ag World Runs by the DICKEY-john® Standard

Some of our grain measurement devices are so accurate and precise that they’ve become the certified instrumentation by which U.S. and international standards are developed. It’s the ultimate tribute to our superior engineering and reliability.

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