Versatile Seed Sensor

UniRate Population Sensor


The DICKEY-john® UniRate Population Sensor accurately counts seeds while planting to ensure that the correct rate is being applied. Using Optical technology, the UniRate Seed Sensor performs well with seeding rates ranging from 2-122 seeds per second with up to 100% accuracy. Be confident that your precision planting unit is working to its full potential and ensuring the maximum yield and profitability for your planted crop. Its design allows the customization of the sensor mounting brackets by the machine’s OEM, thereby utilizing a standard sensor product which makes the UniRate Seed Sensor an extremely cost-effective solution.

Features and Benefits:

•    Accurately monitors seeding rates between 2 - 122 seeds/sec across multiple seed types and sizes
•    Low susceptibility to sunlight
•    Compact design allowing easy customization of mounting brackets to fit many different planter types
•    Uses a 3-Pin Weather-Pack connector for direct connection to existing planter harnessing
•    Compatible with existing DICKEY-john PM series planter monitors, IntelliAg™ AI series controllers and the IntelliAg™ MVT
•    Compatible with most OEM planter monitors in use with older DICKEY-john seed sensors